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List of Known Problems:

The following is a list of currently know issues in Version 5.0.5 of HEC-RAS. These bugs have been fixed for the next release of the software.

  1. If three or more boundary condition rating curves are connected to a 2D flow area, there is a computational problem and the program does not run.

  2. If a system has a 1D reach upstream of a 2D area and 1D reach downstream of a 2D area, For some models (not all) the reach order for computations is getting changed when the geometry is saved. This is causing the model to stop running on the first unsteady flow computational time step. A work around is to go to the Geometry Editor, select the Tools menu, then select Reach Order for Computations. Simply check the box that says Use the User Specified Order for Unsteady Flow Computations. This will fix the reach order, this will fix the reach order and allow the model to run.

  3. There is a bug in steady flow modeling when the user enters additional minor loss coefficients just upstream (the cross section just upstream outside of the structure) of a culvert or a bridge. The work around is to remove these minor loss coefficients from the cross sections just upstream of the culvert or bridge. You can account for minor losses by increasing the normal contraction and expansion coefficients.