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14 December  2022Water Management User Group

HEC-HMS Terrain Data Management

Alex Davis and Matt Fleming (HEC)

18 October 2022HH&C CoP Monthly Webinar Series

Gridded Storm Transposition in HEC-HMS

Tom Brauer (HEC), Lauren Coe (SPL), Greg Karlovits (HEC), Matthew Lepinski (SWF), and Josh Willis (HEC)

15 September 2022HEC-HMS Modelers

Post-wildfire Modeling Application using HEC-HMS

Jonathan AuBuchon and Jose Paredez

29 August 2022

USACE Technical Innovation Forum

Innovative Flood Hazard Information Utilizing Multiple Lines of Evidence to Improve Flood Hazard Awareness and Resiliency

Landon Erickson (Ft. Worth District)

28 July 2022Natural Resources Conservation Service 

Demonstration of HEC-HMS 

David Ho and Matt Fleming

24 March 2022CWMS Modelers

Recent HEC-HMS Forecasting Features

Mike Bartles and Simon Evans

9 March 2022Natural Resources Conservation Service 

Introduction to HEC-HMS and Recent New Features


Matt Fleming

19 January 2022National Flood Risk Management ProgramHEC-HMS Sediment and Debris Flow CapabilitiesJay Pak

09 November 2021WMIST Forecasting Software Enhancements PDT

New HEC-HMS v4.9 Forecasting Enhancements

Mike Bartles, Tom Brauer, and Josh Willis

08 November 2021HEC-HMS ModelersNew and Future HEC-HMS FeaturesMatt Fleming, Mike Bartles, and Tom Brauer

14 October 2021MVD HS&R SubCoPImporting and using Gridded Precipitation Boundary Condition Data; Correcting Gridded Precipitation using the new Normalizer UtilityGarrett Blomstrand and Brett Hultgren

29 July 2021HEC-HMS ModelersNew Capabilities in HEC-HMS V4.9Mike Bartles, Tom Brauer, and Martin Jacobs

15 June 2021HH&C CoP - Part of the Monthly Webinar SeriesHEC's migration to the continuous integration / continuous deployment software development work flow, with emphasis on the HEC-HMS team's journey to improving the software development process, plus an overview of new capabilities in HEC softwareChris Dunn and Tom Brauer

20 May 2021MVD HS&R SubCoPPrecipitation in HEC-HMS (observations and hypothetical)Ann Banitt and Greg Karlovits

28 January 2021CWMS ModelersNew HEC-HMS Forecasting FeaturesMike Bartles

17 September 2020MVD HS&R SubCoPHEC-HMS Model CalibrationTom Bauer and Emily Moe

11 August 2020 USACE DistrictsNew Feature Demonstration Tom Brauer, Mike Bartles, Greg Karlovits, and Matt Fleming

2 October 2019HEC-HMS ModelersModeling with HEC-HMS DemonstrationTom Brauer, Mike Bartles, Krey Price, and Steven Joynes