Enhanced macOS distribution

HEC-HMS's macOS distribution now comes with all the necessary dependencies bundled. This alleviates the need to run a script to download the necessary dependencies, which may consume a significant portion of time. Users can now install HEC-HMS by simply downloading the .dmg installer, then drag and drop to the Application folder. 

Bug Fixes

Special characters in project name when generating standard report

When using the Standard/Statistics Report option, the program was not able to find simulation results files if they contain special characters in their filenames. A fix have been implemented to resolve that issue. Since 4.6.

Notes and warnings control when called via the HMS command server

Console output for notes and warnings can be controlled in the program settings on the messages tab. This setting was not being honored by the command server that interfaces with HEC-WAT and HEC-RTS/CWMS. This resulted in excessively large output volume when called repeatedly from HEC-WAT. Since unknown.

Project Save As and CWMS / HEC-WAT import missing grid cell file

When using the File | Save As option, some project files were not being saved correctly.  For instance, terrain files with a *.tif extension were not saved to the new project directory.  This also affected the import process of HEC-HMS projects within the Corps Water Management System (CWMS) and HEC-WAT.  This bug has been fixed such that the File | Save As option and the HEC-HMS import process within CWMS and HEC-WAT will now correctly write all pertinent files to the new project directory. Since v.4.7.

Grid cell file read fails when grid cell file has no extension

In previous versions of HEC-HMS, a mod Clark grid cell file could be specified as a file with no extension. This functionality was broken in v.4.7 and has been fixed in this version. If a grid cell file has no extension it is assumed to be a traditional ASCII grid cell file. Since v.4.7.

Grid cell file validation fails when subbasins within the grid cell file are denoted with all caps

Grid cell file validation logic was added in v.4.7. The validation logic failed when subbasins were specified in the ASCII grid cell file in all caps, i.e. "SUBBASINS" rather than "Subbasins". The logic has been updated to be case-insensitive. Since v.4.7.

Characteristics compute fails when characteristic value is NaN or Infinity

In cases where the computed characteristics was of value NaN or Infinity the entire compute would fail resulting in the indefinite progress bar spinning indefinitely or the characteristics table failing to populate after the progress dialog closed. This has been fixed so that if the resultant characteristics value is NaN or Infinity, that  value is displayed in the table. Since v.4.7.

Met mode tree not updated after initialization

When a new meteorologic model was initialized in an HMS session, only the precipitation node was added and updated in the watershed explorer tree. The program would have to be re-started for the tree to updated. This has been fixed so that the tree responds to updates, such as new basin model linkages to the meteorologic model. Since unknown.

Tool tip settings not reflected in basin map

The basin map tooltips program setting was ignored in lieu of displaying x, y coordinates in the tooltip when hovering over the basin map. This has been updated such that the appropriate tool tip is shown based on the selection in program settings. Currently, If None is selected the x, y coordinates will display by default. Since v.4.4.

Spatial Results file grows with each compute

When writing spatial results to disk, the results from previous simulations were not being cleared correctly.  As such, the size of the spatial results file grew with each compute.  A fix was instituted that deletes the existing spatial results file (e.g. *.h5 file) prior to a new compute. Since v.4.7.

2D Diffusion Wave spatial results visualization wet area fraction set incorrectly

When using the 2D Diffusion Wave transform method, the fraction of cells that contained surface water was not being set correctly.  This bug only affected the visualization of spatial results and did not affect the actual surface water routing computations.  The wet area fraction is now being set correctly when writing spatial results using the 2D Diffusion Wave transform method. Since v.4.7.

2D Diffusion Wave discretization erroneous error message

An error message was being incorrectly thrown when using the 2D Diffusion Wave transform method with an incompatible baseflow method.  This transform method can only be used with the None, Linear Reservoir, and/or Constant Monthly Baseflow methods.  The incorrect error message led users to believe that an incompatible discretization method was being used.  This bug has been fixed and the correct error message is now thrown. Since v.4.7.

2D Diffusion Wave computed results discrepancy

Both the HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS team make continual improvements to the shared 2D Solver and this release contains the latest rollup of fixes and improvements.  These changes were made to improve computational speed, stability, and accuracy of the 2D results.  As such, you may notice subtle changes in hydraulic results.  However, the changes are expected to be very minor.  Please see the latest HEC-RAS v6.0 release notes for further details. Since v.4.7.