HEC-RAS has the ability to model inline dams, weirs, and gated structures with radial gates (often called tainter gates), vertical lift gates (sluice gates), overflow gates (open to the air or with a closed top), gates modeled with user defined curves, culverts, culverts with flap gates, user defined outlet rating curves, and user specified outlet time series. The spillway crest of the gates can be modeled as an ogee shape, broad crested weir, or a sharp crested weir shape.

This section of the User's manual will describe how to enter the data for inline structures. For information on general modeling guidelines and the hydraulic computations of Inline Structures, please see Chapter 8 of the HEC-RAS Hydraulic Reference manual. To find out how to view specific results for an inline structure, see Chapter 9 of this User's manual.