The channel design functions within HEC-RAS are based upon the methods available in the SAM Hydraulic Design Package for Channels (USACE, 1998), developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station. This chapter presents the data input required for computing uniform flow parameters, stable channel dimensions, and sediment transport capacity for a given cross section.
For information on the Channel Design Functions equations and theory, please see Chapter 15 of the HEC-RAS Hydraulic Reference Manual.

General Modeling Guidelines

The Stable Channel Design Functions within HEC-RAS are meant to be used as an aid in the design of stable channels. The purpose of this application is to provide the qualitative, easy-to-use methodology of the SAM software package within the HEC-RAS framework. Specifically, the Stable Channel Design Functions will allow the user to easily compute the hydraulic parameters of a given cross section, use that information to design a stable channel with regard to its size and armoring, and determine the sediment transport capacity of that cross section.

General Command Buttons

The general command buttons can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the window shown in Figure 13-1. The Defaults button restores the current hydraulic design function's fields to the default values. The Apply button will store the entries on the current window into memory. These values will remain in memory until a new hydraulic design file is opened or the user exits HEC-RAS. The Compute button initiates the computations for whatever hydraulic design function is currently active. The Report button displays a printable report providing detailed hydraulic design information. Output will be displayed in the report window if the computations have been run.