Good data management means that you probably have your HEC-RAS project in it's own folder.  If you wish to keep a copy of the project for posterity, you can typically zip up the the entire folder or copy it to a safe place for storage.  HEC-RAS has a more robust method for archiving just the pieces of the project you are interested in saving or zipping up to transfer the project to another user.

Select the File | Zip Plan(s) or Archive Project menu item from the main HEC-RAS window.  This will bring up a dialog allowing you to select the files you wish to include in the archival process.

As shown in the figure below, the default is to just zip up the current plan and file necessary to run the plan.  There are several additional items options.

The window will show you the all the files that are in the RAS project and their file size.  The files that are included will be shown with the white background color, while the files that will not be included will be greyed out.

Base RAS Input Files

Base input files are the files necessary to run the most simple models that are not dependent on a Terrain dataset.  This will include the geometry, flow (DSS), and plan files along with some of the pre-computed geometry data.

  • Current Plan - includes the file necessary to rerun the current plan.  This is the desired option to send to someone to help you debug your model.
  • All Plans - includes all of the files to rerun all plans.
  • Selected Plans - allows the user to select a specific set of plans.

GIS Input Files

GIS Input Files are data necessary to recompute hydraulic property tables for 2D model runs.  This includes terrain data which can be an enormous amount of data.

  • Terrain Data - adds the Terrain model data files for the project (e.g. terrain.tif, terrain.hdf, terrain.vrt).
  • Classification Data - adds the Land Cover, Soils, Sediment Bed Layer data files (e.g. landcover.tif, landcover.hdf).

Computed Files

Computed Files are the results files that HEC-RAS produces to visualize output.

  • Post Process Output -include the 1D output files for plotting and tabular data such as the XS Plots and Profile Plots.
  • Mapping Results - includes the HDF5 output for each simulation run.  These data are necessary for visualizing data in RAS Mapper.
  • Stored Maps - includes RAS results maps that are stored to disk (e.g. depth grids and inundation boundary polygon shapefiles)

Splitting an Archive

Archival of HEC-RAS projects with large terrain models will result in large zip files.  If you need the archival file in smaller file sizes, you can use the 7-Zip utility ( to break up the archive into multiple files.  To span the archive over multiple, smaller files follow the steps described below.

  1. With 7-Zip installed, right-click on the archive file and choose 7-Zip | Add to Archive.
  2. Provide a new name ("Archive") for the archive.
  3. Select the maximum file size ("Split to volumes") for each archive file.

    The drop down list provides default alternatives; however, you can enter a value (in bytes) for the file sizes (use M for Mega bytes).
  4. Set additional options as desired.
  5. Press OK.
  6. When complete, multiple archive files will be created from the base zip file.