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The HEC-DSS Excel Data Exchange Add-In is a Visual Basic Application for retrieving and storing both regular-interval time series and paired data directly from Excel to an HEC-DSS database file. Data sets to retrieve are selected from a catalog listing directly available from Excel. For time series data, an optional time window can be specified to select portions of a DSS record or to span several records. The exchange of irregular-interval time series data has not been nimplemented at this time.

The HEC-DSS Excel Data Exchange Add-In is a separate capability from the HEC-DSSVue Excel Plug-in. The HEC-DSSVue Excel plug-in is run from HEC-DSSVue and can read and write both regular and irregular-interval time series data, but has not been implemented for paired data. The HEC-DSS Excel add-in is run from within Excel. While the format of the data is more restrictive, it can read and write both regular interval time series data and paired data, but not irregular-interval time series data.

What's New:

Version 3.3 Changes

  1. Support for 64-bit Office 2010 and VBA7.
  2. Support for the latest version of heclib.
  3. Support for heclib's newer double-type paired data containers.
  4. Improved resetting of Excel's default to automatically recalculate the worksheet. Users no linger have to remove the add-in to make Excel function properly.
  5. Improved error handling, displaying more user-friendly error messages for common errors.
  6. Revised User's Manual with new screen captures for Windows 7, and a new sample data DSS file.
  7. Bug fixes.

Version 3.2 Changes

  1. Added ability to specify data worksheet.
  2. Added 3 worksheet data formats.
  3. Added ability to retreive data by RiverWare header specifcations.
  4. Added ability to store data by group specifications or RiverWare header specifications.
  5. Added ability to specify time ranges for all non full catalog time series retrievals, group specification storage, and RiverWare header storage.

Version 3.2.1 Changes

  1. Excel 2007 row and columns limits.
  2. Support of Excel 2007 and older formats.

Download HEC-DSS Excel Data Exchange Add-In For Excel 2007-2010 Version 3.3
Download HEC-DSS Excel Data Exchange Add-In For Excel 2003 Version 3.2
Download HEC-DSS Excel Data Exchange Add-In For Excel 2007-2010 Version 3.2.1

After running the setup package, you must load the add-in inside of Excel. See the documentation for instructions on how to do that.

Documentation for Excel 2003 or Excel 2007-2010 versions of the add-in.


If you encounter any problems with this add-in, please contact