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An HEC-DSSVue plug-in is a set of Java software that is compiled and put into a Java ".jar" file. By simply placing this file into the HEC-DSSVue\Plugins directory, it is automatically loaded and accessible from the HEC-DSSVue program. The purpose of a plug-in is similar to the jython scripting capability that is available in HEC-DSSVue. However, since plug-ins are written in the Java language, which is used by HEC-DSSVue, there are extended capabilities and controls available. The plug-in code can access the HEC-DSSVue API (Application Program Interface) directly. Typical uses for plug-ins are complex mathematical operations, specialized formatting of data for entry into another application (such as a program that uses a "card format"), and retrieval of data from a web site.

How to Install HEC-DSSVue Plug-ins:
  1. Unzip the contents of the downloaded plug-in (e.g. into the Plugins directory. By default the Plugins directory is located at:
    • 32-Bit version of Windows XP, Vista, or 7: C:\Program Files\HEC\HEC-DSSVue\Plugins
    • 64-Bit version of Windows XP, Vista, or 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\HEC\HEC-DSSVue\Plugins

  2. Next time you start HEC-DSSVue, the plug-in will be automatically loaded.

  3. In HEC-DSSVue Version 2.0 or later, plug-in access has been move to menus (e.g., for USGS, go to Data Entry -> Import -> USGS)
Plug-Ins Catalog

Below is a list of plug-ins included with HEC-DSSVue 2.0.1.

As updates to plug-ins are released, they will be bolded below.

  • SnoTel Data Retrieval

      Download - SnoTel 2.0 (March 2014)

      Changes in Version 2.0:

      Major overhaul to work with NRCS new website and SnoTel ReportGenerator.

  • USGS Data Retrieval [Documentation]
    • Retrieve and import time-series data from the USGS NWIS database.
    • Download - USGS 5.3 (August 2016)

      Changes in Version 5.3:

      The plug-in was modified to handle a format change made to NWIS on 09 August 2016.
      The NWIS format change involved moving from "Data Descriptors" to "Time-Series Identifiers"

  • RiverGages 
    • Retrieve data from the web site
    • Download - RiverGages (November 2013)

      Changed URL to updated RiverGages web site.

  • NCDC  
    • Import data in a NCDC format
    • Download - NCDC 3.0 (April 2013) - Beta

      Changes In Version 3.0:
           Added methods to import new ".csv" format produced by NCDC. The methods will only work on
           a .csv formatted file, not the .txt or other formats available (old formats are still supported.)
           As this was a substantial update and the plug-in is in a beta state, please double check the
           imported data and report any errors to HEC (along with the file that had the error).

  • Charts
    • Displays data in pie charts

  • Excel
    • Import time series data from Microsoft Excel into HEC-DSS

  • WaterML
    • Import data from the Water Markup Language (.xml) format

    • Retrieve data from the North Carolina CRONOS database

  • NCDWR Duration Hydrograph
    • An alternative duration hydrograph analysis from the North Carolina DWR

  • CDEC
    • Retrieve data from the California Data Exchange Center