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The Hydrologic Engineering Center's Flood Impact Analysis (HEC-FIA) software, Version 3.3, is now available. HEC-FIA is a tool intended to support the evaluation of consequences of flood events. This incremental release of HEC-FIA adds additional features in the area of Flood Damages Reduced.

Release Notes for HEC-FIA v3.3 outlining new features can be found at our Online Documentation Page.

Along with these new features, several minor bugs and enhancements were added to the software.

HEC-FIA is supported in CWMS, HEC-RTS, and HEC-WAT to add consequence assessment to each of those packages.

Relevant applications of HEC-FIA Version 3.3 include:

  • Computing flood damages reduced by reservoirs and levees in CWMS and HEC-RTS
  • Calculating consequences in real time to support CWMS (Corps Water Management System)
  • Computing damage frequency curves with uncertainty in HEC-WAT (Watershed Analysis Tool) with the FRA (flood risk analysis) compute option

The HEC-FIA 3.3 software package and user's documentation are available on this web page. Please join the discussion about HEC-FIA on our discourse page.