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The documentation for HEC-LifeSim consists of a User's Manual which describes how to use the interface. The document is in PDF format and can be viewed online or downloaded. To view online or download individual chapters, go to the manual's individual page with the links below.

The HEC-LifeSim documentation is automatically installed during the setup of the program and can be accessed through the Help menu. To view the documentation without installing the program, you may use the links below.

HEC-LifeSim 1.0.1 User's Manual

Certification Documentation Description of the life loss certification process for HEC-LifeSim.

Version 1.01, April 2019

HEC-LifeSim (Version 1.01) USACE FRM-PCX Certification MEMORANDUM FOR from USACE Flood Risk Management Planning Center of Expertise (FRM-PCX) stating that HEC-LifeSim Version 1.01 has been certified for national use in planning studies for life loss estimation.

USACE FRM-PCX MEMORANDUM FOR Life Loss Estimation Software (HEC-LifeSim) Certification (27 September 2019)

Adobe Reader 11.0 or later is required to view these documents.