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Software Version

HEC-HMS version 4.12 beta 3 was used to create this tutorial. You will need to use HEC-HMS version 4.12 beta 3, or newer, to open the project files.

Project Files

If you are continuing from Creating a New Control Specifications, you may continue with your current project files. Otherwise, download the initial project files here:


In this tutorial you will create and compute a simulation run.


  1. Open the HEC-HMS project named Punxsutawney.
  2. Click on the Compute menu and select the Create Compute → Simulation Run... option. A wizard window will open to guide you in creating a new simulation run. In the first step you must choose a name; Use May 1996 instead of the default.
  3. In second step, choose the Punxsutawney basin model. In third step, choose the May 1996 meteorologic model. In Step 4, choose the May 1996 control specifications. Press the Finish button to complete the process of creating a simulation run.
  4. Compute the simulation run: A simulation run must be selected before it can be computed. The tool bar includes a selection list that shows all of the simulation runs that have been created in the project. Click on the selection list and choose RUN: May 1996. Once a simulation run has been selected, click on the Compute button immediately to the right of the selection list to perform the compute. The tool bar button has an icon of a raindrop whenever a simulation run is selected. A compute progress window will open to show the advancement of the simulation. The simulation may abort if errors are encountered. If this happens, read the messages and fix any problems; then compute the simulation run again. Close the progress window when the run computes successfully.

    Question: In this step the simulation was computed from the Compute toolbar. What is another way to compute the simulation?

    You can select the Compute Run option at the bottom of the Compute menu (the name of the selected run will be shown within brackets next to the Compute Run menu option). You can compute from the Compute tab by right-clicking a simulation node and selecting Compute. Simulations can be computed from global editors whenever a simulation is selected in the compute toolbar.


In this tutorial you created and computed a simulation run. The simulation run is composed of a basin model, meteorologic model, and control specifications.

Project Files

Download the final project files here:

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