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HEC-ResPRM has been developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. However, software developed at the Hydrologic Engineering Center is made available to the public whenever appropriate. Use is not restricted and individuals outside of USACE may use the program without charge. CEIWR-HEC will not provide user assistance or support for this software to non-USACE users. Downloading this software indicates full acceptance of your responsibility in the use of this program. Please see the distribution policy for more details.

Note: HEC-ResPRM Version 1.0 is a provisional release undergoing certification through the Flood Risk Management Planning Center of Expertise. It is anticipated that the certification process will be complete in the Summer of 2013, however until that time HEC-ResPRM can not be used to calculate information that will impact a Benefit Cost Ratio for a USACE planning study.

HEC-ResPRM 1.0 (provisional):

This setup package includes HEC-ResPRM 1.0.

Download< HEC-ResPRM 1.0 Setup Package (55.6 MB)

Blue River Example Data:

To be used with the Quick Start Guide.

Download example data. (9 KB)
Download the completed example watershed. (372 KB)