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CEIWR-HEC Software: CEIWR-HEC's policy to make its software available, whenever appropriate. CEIWR-HEC software that is available for download from our web site may be used by individuals and organizations outside of USACE without charge, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use for HEC Software.

Non-Corps User Support: CEIWR-HEC cannot provide direct user assistance or support for its software to non-Corps users, those needing assistance should review the Support Policy for additional details. In the past, for non-Corps users, HEC had provided a list of possible vendors for assistance or support for HEC software. USACE counsel determined that the inclusion of this list could be interpreted as CEIWR-HEC recommending specific vendors over other vendors that were not included on the list. Therefore, by direction of USACE counsel CEIWR-HEC has discontinued this practice and has removed the list from our web site. Non-Corps individuals and organizations should use any internet search engine to locate a vendor that can provide support for the CEIWR-HEC software of interest. However, we will respond to all documented instances of program errors.

Computer Source Code: CEIWR-HEC generally discourages the distribution of CEIWR-HEC source code. The source code is usually only required when porting a program to a different computer or to modify it. If appropriate and available, CEWIR-HEC will provide the source for these purposes. However, CEIWR-HEC cannot provide assistance with the code. Source code for components under development will not be distributed. During development, some routines will be changing frequently. The proliferation of code, that is rapidly becoming out-of-date, is not in the public interest. CEIWR-HEC will make the determination of when the source code is sufficiently stable on a case-by-case basis.

Some software is not placed in general distribution because it is developmental, limited to specific USACE applications, or not sufficiently documented to release. An example of CEIWR-HEC software that has limited distribution is the water management software that was developed specifically for the USACE water management community and their hardware resources. CEIWR-HEC can and does provide considerable support to USACE offices to implement the software on their equipment.