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Corps Users

Technical support for all HEC software users within the Corps of Engineers is provided through an annual subscription service. Subscribing offices can expect to receive full support from HEC staff in the application and use of the software. Subscribing offices may request support by calling HEC, sending a direct email, or by emailing the appropriate address listed below.

Non-Corps Users

In the past, for non-Corps users, HEC had provided a list of possible vendors for assistance or support for HEC software. USACE counsel determined that the inclusion of this list could be interpreted as CEIWR-HEC recommending specific vendors over other vendors that were not included on the list. Therefore, by direction of USACE counsel CEIWR-HEC has discontinued this practice and has removed the list from our web site. Non-Corps individuals and organizations should use any internet search engine to locate a vendor that can provide support for the CEIWR-HEC software of interest.

Discourse User Forum

HEC hosts a public Discourse web site that allows USACE users to submit topics and get support. The public has read-only access to certain categories and can search for existing topics for relevant information. If a member of the public does not find their issue in the existing topics, they can e-mail HEC via the support address for the applicable software. HEC will provide support within the scope of HEC’s support policy towards non-USACE users of our software. Please visit the individual software’s bug report/support pages above to get more information about bug reporting for specific software applications.

Reporting Software Errors

The reporting of suspected software errors is not subject to the support restrictions outlined above. We are continuously working to improve the performance of HEC software and possible bugs should always be reported directly to HEC. Ideally, suspected errors should be reported in written form with a description of the problem and the steps that lead to its occurrence.

Development team e-mail addresses:

HEC-EFM: see the HEC-EFM bug report page
HEC-EFM Plotter: see the HEC-EFM Plotter bug report page
HEC-FDA: see the HEC-FDA bug report page
HEC-FIA: see the HEC-FIA bug report page
HEC-GeoEFM: see the HEC-GeoEFM bug report page
HEC-HMS: see the HEC-HMS bug report page
HEC-MetVue: see the HEC-MetVue bug report page
HEC-RAS: see the HEC-RAS bug report page
HEC-ResSim: see the HEC-ResSim bug report page
HEC-RPT: see the HEC-RPT bug report page
HEC-RTS see the HEC-RTS bug report page
HEC-SSP: see the HEC-SSP bug report page
HEC-WAT: see the HEC-WAT bug report page