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About HEC

Executive Office

The Executive Office provides the guidance, policy, management, and administrative oversight and support for the Center. Some administrative support services are provided via an agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District and the Institute for Water Resources parent office in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.

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Hydrology & Statistics (H&S) Division

The Hydrology and Statistics (H&S) Division develops and provides support, assistance, and training for the use of HEC's Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) and Statistical Sofware Package (HEC-SSP). Technical and functional responsibilities of the Division are: surface water hydrology; hydrologic statistics; hydrologic analysis GIS tools; and watershed scale sediment and debris flow simulation.

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Water Management Systems (WMS) Division

The Water Management Systems (WMS) Division administers the Center’s software development IT function and provides support for technical studies and the Corps water management mission. Technical and functional responsibilities of the WMS Division are: water management technology; data acquisition, communication and management; Corps Water Management System (CWMS) models, applications and support; hydrologic and hydraulic forecasting; reservoir regulation; HEC software engineering/integration standards and practices; and IT management and administration with ACE-IT. Much of this is in support of the USACE National Water Management Mission and assists Divisions and Districts in operating water resource infrastructure such as multi-purpose reservoir projects. The software developed also helps to ensure operating projects perform to meet authorized purposes and evolving conditions and help to improve the reliability of the Nation’s aging water resource infrastructure. The WMS Division develops methods and software, involving hydrologic, hydraulic, and reservoir simulation for planning initiatives; water management technology; real-time data acquisition; communications; stewardship including improvements and advancements of the USACE Water Management System (CWMS) application. The WMS Division supports USACE Divisions and Districts on an enterprise basis across the Nation; including hydrologic and hydraulic forecasting and reservoir regulation simulation; water supply reallocation; HEC software engineering/ integration standards & practices; and HEC system security, management and administration in coordination with ACE-IT and in compliance with DOD Information Assurance (IA) requirements.

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Water Resource Systems (WRS) Division
The Water Resource Systems (WRS) Division manages the training and tech transfer activities of the Center and develops and integrates analytical methods for water resource planning activities. Technical and functional responsibilities of the WRS Division are: training program administration; reservoir systems; water resource systems optimization; flood risk management including consequence analysis; risk analysis; river/ecosystem restoration; and watershed studies. This encompasses providing technical support and developing methods and software and conducting studies. Management and oversight are provided for the HEC technology transfer program of training and the Center’s web site while also serving as the primary liaison with USACE PROSPECT (Proponent Sponsored Engineer Corps Training) program.

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Hydraulics (HYD) Division

The Hydraulics (HYD) Division develops and provides support, assistance, and training for the use of HEC's River Analysis System (HEC-RAS). Technical and functional responsibilities of the HYD Division are: river hydraulics; sediment/debris transport; water quality; and supporting GIS tools.

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