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The Hydrologic Engineering Center's (HEC) Flood Impact Analysis (HEC-FIA) software is a tool to help identify the consequences from a single event. HEC-FIA was developed by HEC in collaboration with the Risk Management Center (RMC) and the Engineering Research and Design Center (ERDC). HEC-FIA evaluates consequences from events defined by hydraulic model output such as gridded data (e.g., depth and arrival time Grids) or HEC's Data Storage System (HEC-DSS) Stage Hydrographs. The consequences HEC-FIA computes include economic losses (losses to structures and their contents), agricultural losses, and expected life loss from these hydraulic events.

The last HEC-FIA version that has been certified by the Flood Risk Management Planning Center of Expertise (FRM PCX) is HEC-FIA 2.2. HEC-FIA 3.3 is the newest version available and contains many improvements in the focus area of computing flood damages reduced. Based on the needs of the project, select the appropriate version and details about the version of HEC-FIA will be provided.