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HEC publications provide documentation on HEC's computer software, hydrologic engineering and planning analysis procedures, project studies, seminars, training documents, and research documents. These publications are available for printing (see Publications to Download below).

Official publications of the Corps of Engineers, such as Engineer Regulations (ER) and Engineer Manuals (EM) etc., can be obtained from the US Army Corps of Engineers Publications of the Headquarters web site.

Publication Downloads

Adobe Reader XI or higher is required to view these documents. The current version of the reader is free and available on Adobe Acrobat website.

Administrative Documents:

Computer Program Documents:

Computer Program Documentation for applications currently distributed by HEC:

The following Computer Program Documentation is provided as reference material. HEC no longer distributes these computer programs.

International Hydrologic Decade (IHD) Volumes:

The IHD volumes contain references (appendices) to computer programs that may be obsolete and no longer supported by the Hydrologic Engineering Center.

The best way to download these files is to do a right-click, "Save Target As..." on the link so that you may select a location to save the PDF. Simply clicking on the link is not recommended.

Warning: Some of these files are big.

Individual Volumes:

Complete Set:

Project Reports:

Research Documents:

Seminar Proceedings:

Technical Papers:

Training Documents: