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Visiting Scholar Program

Leo R. Beard Visiting Scholar Program

In order to benefit from the infusion of new ideas and concepts in USACE's (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) work, USACE established and CEIWR supports a number of visiting scholar programs by which CEIWR is able to support the work of academicians who conduct research in areas which support the work of CEIWR. One of the visiting scholar programs has been established at CEIWR-HEC. The Leo R. Beard Visiting Scholars Program was established in honor of Mr. Leo Roy Beard who was the founding Director of CEIWR-HEC and he had strong ties to scholars in the profession. As part of the Visiting Scholar program, hydraulics and hydrology professionals are invited to CEIWR-HEC to address critical issues or problems CEIWR-HEC and others within USACE have encountered. CEIWR-HEC hopes to have visiting scholars on a reasonably regular basis, one per year for perhaps six months at a time.

CEIWR-HEC has invited prominent professionals to take up residence at CEIWR-HEC to foster scholarly exchange. Faculty from a number of universities have spent some of their sabbatical with CEIWR-HEC. In addition, prominent engineers from other agencies have also joined the CEIWR-HEC staff in the same capacity. The experience and the exchange of ideas that these scholars bring to CEIWR-HEC has proven to be intellectually invigorating for both the CEIWR-HEC staff and the visitors themselves.

The visiting scholar program is an opportunity for CEIWR-HEC to gain knowledge and enhance our products. The visiting scholar program is also an opportunity for the visiting scholar to bring back experiences and lessons learned to their academic institution. Ideally, funding for the visiting scholar program is shared between CEIWR and the academic institution as both offices benefit from the technical exchange. The financial support can be negotiated as part of the agreement between offices.

Highlights of Mr. Beard's accomplishments.