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Adobe Reader XI or higher is required to view these documents. The current version of the reader is free and available on Adobe Acrobat website.

A number of different documents have been created to describe the use and technical background of HEC-FIA.

User's Manual (CPD-81) Description of the use and application of the program.

Version 2.2, September 2012


The article listed below describe features of HEC-FIA in a journal framework. The documents can be helpful to get a higher level view of the purpose of HEC-FIA consequence estimation, and the methodology behind some of the consequence calculations in HEC-FIA.

Consequence Estimation for Dam Failures Using HEC-FIA 2.2

HEC-FIA (Version 2.2) USACE HQ Certification MEMORANDUM FOR from USACE HQ stating that HEC-FIA Version 2.2 has been certified for use by USACE offices when conducting flood risk management (FRM) studies.

USACE HQ MEMORANDUM FOR Flood Impact Analysis (HEC-FIA, Version 2.2) Certification