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The following information lists the required procedure for foreign visitors to request a visit or training with a Corps office, like HEC. Requests are processed on a government-to-government basis through diplomatic channels, as follows:

  1. The individual or organization desiring the visit or training must forward a letter of request to their country's government representatives. The request should include:
    • Biographic data (education, employment, etc.)
    • Outline of proposed training or visit objectives
    • Certification of English language proficiency
    • Assurances of responsibility of payment of subsistence, transportation and training fees

  2. The government representatives will send the formal request to the United States Embassy in their country for forwarding to the U.S. Information Agency (USIA), Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Military Attache in the visitor's embassy in Washington, DC in order to initiate an official visit request.

  3. The USIA will then forward the request to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for coordination with the Corps offices where the training or visit will be conducted and to obtain Army clearance (clearance requires a minimum of thirty days).

  4. If approved, the requestor will be provided with a specific agenda for meetings and travel to Corps offices. If the visit is for training purposes, cost data and procedures for making payment prior to commencement of the training also will be provided.

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