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HEC-DSSVue is a Java-based visual utilities program that allows users to plot, tabulate, edit, and manipulate data in a HEC-DSS database file. The graphics produced by HEC-DSSVue are highly customizable and can be saved in various formats, including "jpeg" and "png" (portable network graphics), or for printing or copying to the clipboard for inclusion in reports. HEC-DSSVue incorporates over sixty mathematical functions. Along with these functions, HEC-DSSVue provides several utility functions that provide a means to enter data sets into a HEC-DSS database, rename data set names, copy data sets to other HEC-DSS database files, and delete data sets.

Sample HEC-DSSVue Catalog View

Data sets are selected from a sorted / filtered list of pathnames in a HEC-DSS database file using a mouse.

-DSSVue also incorporates the "Jython" standard scripting language, which allows one to specify a routine sequence of steps in a text format, and then execute the sequence from a user-defined button or from a "batch" process.

Sample HEC-DSSVue Graphical Display

HEC-DSSVue was written using the Java programming language, which allows it to be run under Windows, Linux, and MacOS