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Adobe Reader XI or higher is required to view these documents. The current version of the reader is free and available on Adobe Acrobat website. HEC-DSSVue 2.0 includes a new integrated help system that is accessible from various parts of the program. In many HEC-DSSvue windows you will notice a Help menu at the top. Clicking on that will take you to the integrated help system, directly to the part relevant to that specific window.

HEC-DSSVue 2.0 User's Manual

Complete Users Manual

HEC-DSSVue Cover
HEC-DSSVue Table of Contents
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 1, Introduction
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 2, Overview
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 3, Display Edit
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 4, Utilities
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 5, Data Entry
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 6, Customizing Plots
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 7, Math Functions
HEC-DSSVue Chapter 8, Scripting
Appendix A, Additional Plug-Ins
Appendix B, Writing Plug-Ins
Appendix C, Example Scripts