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Below you'll find a select few of the new features and enhancements that come with HEC-DSSVue 2.0.

  1. Tabbed catalog panes for multiple DSS files opened at the same time

  2. Plot/tabulate data from different DSS files
  3. Large file support (up to 8 GB)
  4. Speed enhancements for cataloging DSS files, especially very large ones
  5. New "general" data types, including storage of .jpg, .pdf, .mp3, etc. files
    • "Play" data sets as well as store them
      • Picture show with popular image formats(jpeg, png, gif, etc).
      • Play imported mp3 files.
      • Display .pdf, .doc, etc. with native Adobe Acrobat, Word, etc.

  6. Addition of x-y-z coordinate information (e.g., lat/long) to data sets

  7. New integrated help system that is context sensitive when accessed from certain windows and dialogs. The entire help system is also accessible from the main HEC-DSSVue window, under Help.

  8. Additional import/export capabilities
    • SHEF implementation
    • MS Excel
    • DSSUTL Write Data Files
    • WaterML
    • Generalized time series data import wizard (alpha version)
    • Plug-in access from menus (e.g., import), not toolbar button

  9. Implementation of "Text" data convention

  10. Display of gridded data

  11. Drag and drop implementation
    • Drag pathnames onto open plots or tables to add to the plot/table
    • Drag pathnames into another instance of HEC-DSSVue or tabbed pane to copy data
    • Drag data from Windows Explorer and import automatically into DSS
      • .shef, .ncdc, .txt files
      • .mp3, jpg, doc, etc.
  12. New integrated help system, with context sensistive help in various
  13. New tools and utilities
    • Check file integrity (complete error check)
    • Compare data sets or DSS files for differences

  14. Save and retrieve pathname sets in "Groups"

  15. Plot and tabulate enhancements
    • Control over legends in plots
    • Multiple paired data sets in single table (with same C parts)
    • Rating table information in paired data entry and edit
    • Drag pathnames onto plot or table to add to it