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HEC-EFM Plotter



HEC-EFM Plotter 2.0:

HEC-EFM Plotter 2.0 is available as an install package (.exe) or as an archive of files (.zip). Both are easy to use and have the same content. The install package guides the user through the install process and requires administrative rights for successful use. Installing with the archive of files does not require administrative rights. Simply extract all contents of the archive to the desired computer location for HEC-EFM Plotter. The software will be ready for use after extraction.

Please note that users of HEC-EFM version 4.0 and earlier must use the install package and are encouraged to install HEC-EFM Plotter to its default location or to wherever HEC-EFM Plotter was previously installed. This is needed to ensure that HEC-EFM will be able to locate HEC-EFM Plotter properly. Existing versions of HEC-EFM Plotter in the chosen install location will uninstall automatically.

HEC-EFM Plotter helps users view, navigate, and interpret HEC-EFM output. Details about use of HEC-EFM Plotter are included as part of the HEC-EFM Quick Start Guide. For more information or to obtain a copy of that software, please visit the website for HEC-EFM.

Download HEC-EFM Plotter 2.0 (install package) for Windows (66.3 MB) [Release Notes]
Download HEC-EFM Plotter 2.0 (archive of files) for Windows (79.3 MB) [Release Notes]

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit

Archived Versions:
Download HEC-EFM Plotter 1.1 for Windows (34.5 MB) [Release Notes]
Download HEC-EFM Plotter 1.0 for Windows (30.2 MB)