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HEC-RAS Documentation Home Page

The HEC-RAS Documentation Home Page is the most comprehensive source of documentation on HEC-RAS. The home page contains User's Manuals, Hydraulic References, Application Guides and more covering topics in 1D, 2D and sediment hydraulics. This documentation can also be accessed through the Hehlp menu in HEC-RAS.

HEC-RAS Release Notes

The HEC-RAS Release Notes document changes made to each new version of the software including problems repaired, and new features.

HEC-RAS Training

HEC-RAS Training page provides links to training materials including videos from lectures and webinars, and workshop material from training classes.

HEC-RAS Guides and Tutorials

The HEC-RAS Guides and Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for performing common tasks in HEC-RAS. The tutorials also provide an example datasets that allows a user to work through the tutorial.

HEC-RAS Reference Documents

Additional HEC-RAS reference documents cover a variety of topics including validation and verification, guidance for specific applications, and computer performance insight.