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updated: 9 June 2017

Importing Data from the USGS (affects Version 2.1 only)

USGS websites transitioned to a secure and encrypted HTTPS protocol during December 2016.  When that happened, the usgsPlugin that is used by HEC-SSP to access and download data from USGS websites stopped working correctly.

A new usgsPlugin.jar file has been uploaded and can be accessed here. This new file should replace the old file within the “C:\Program Files (x86)\HEC\HEC-SSP\2.1\jar” (for 32-bit installations) or “C:\Program Files\HEC\HEC- SSP\2.1\jar” (for 64-bit installations) directory on your computer.  Make sure that all instances of HEC-SSP are closed when replacing the usgsPlugin.jar file.

After replacing the old file with the new one, you should be able to download data from the USGS websites once again.