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HEC-FDA has been developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). However, software developed at the Hydrologic Engineering Center (CEIWR-HEC) is made available to the public whenever appropriate. Use is not restricted and individuals outside of USACE may use the program without charge. CEIWR-HEC will not provide user assistance or support for this software to non-USACE users. Downloading this software indicates full acceptance of your responsibility in the use of this program. Please see the Distribution Policy for more details.

HEC-FDA 1.4.3:

The Windows setup package contains HEC-FDA Version 1.4.3 and example data. The example data will need to be installed by the user either from the location where HEC-FDA is installed or by downloading from this web page. The User's Manual is available from the Documentation page. The HEC-FDA User’s Manual is provided in the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader XI or later to properly view these files. To download a free version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, go to the Adobe Acrobat web site.

Current Version:

Download HEC-FDA Version 1.4.3 for Windows (8.26 MB) [Release Notes]

Example Data:

Download Example Studies (16 MB)

Download HEC-FDA Version 1.4.2 for Windows (12.3 MB)
Download HEC-FDA Version 1.4.1 for Windows (16.4 MB); Windows 7 only
Download HEC-FDA 1.4 for Windows (16.4 MB)
Download HEC-FDA 1.2.5 for Windows (3.76 MB)
Download HEC-FDA 1.2.4 for Windows (3.4 MB)