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A number of different documents have been created to describe the use and technical background of

f1_c.gif  User's Manual (CPD-72) Description of the use and application of the program. f1_c.gif  Release Notes Description of the changes that occurred at each new release including bug repairs,
      new capabilities, and changes in operation. f1_c.gif  Certification Documentation Description of the certification process for HEC-FDA. f1_c.gif  HEC-FDA (Version 1.4) USACE HQ Certification MEMORANDUM FOR from USACE HQ stating that
      HEC-FDA Version 1.4 has been certified for use by USACE offices when conducting flood risk management
      (FRM) studies. This certification also applies to the Versions 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 releases. f1_c.gif  HEC-FDA (Version 1.4) FRM-PCX Transition Guidance MEMORANDUM FOR from FRM-PCX describing
      when USACE study teams should transition from using HEC-FDA 1.2.5 to HEC-FDA 1.4
f1_c.gif  Technical Reference Manual (CPD-72a) Description uncertainty estimates for graphical (non-analytic)
      frequency curves.