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A number of different documents have been created to describe the use and technical background of HEC-FDA.

User's Manual (CPD-72) Description of the use and application of the program.
Current Version:
Version 1.4.1, April 2016

DOS Programs Program describing the use of DOS with HEC-FDA.
Release Notes Description of the changes that occurred at each new release including bug repairs, new capabilities, and changes in operation.
Current Version:
Version 1.4.3, June 2021

Certification Documentation Description of the certification process for HEC-FDA.
Current Version:
Version 1.4, June 2013

HEC-FDA (Version 1.4) USACE HQ Certification MEMORANDUM FOR from USACE HQ stating that HEC-FDA Version 1.4 has been certified for use by USACE offices when conducting flood risk management (FRM) studies. This certification also applies to the Versions 1.4.1, 1.4.2, and 1.4.3 releases.
HEC-FDA (Version 1.4) FRM-PCX Transition Guidance MEMORANDUM FOR from FRM-PCX describing when USACE study teams should transition from using HEC-FDA 1.2.5 to HEC-FDA 1.4
Technical Reference Manual (CPD-72a) Description uncertainty estimates for graphical (non-analytic) frequency curves.
Current Version:
October 2014