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We make every effort to fully test the software before releasing it for general use. Testing includes an extensive validation process where results computed by the program are compared to independently developed solutions. However, problems sometimes escape the extensive battery of tests used to certify a new version. If you have encountered a problem, then please take the time to send us a bug report.

USACE users: Please submit bug reports to the HEC-FDA Discourse page.

Non-USACE users: Please submit bug reports to the HEC-FDA inbox:

The bug report should include the following information:

  1. Contact Information: Name, Phone Number, and E-mail Address.
  2. What version of the software are you using?
  3. What operating system are you using?
  4. An explanation of the problem.
  5. If the problem is reproducible, please list the steps required to re-create the problem (e.g., "1. Create a new file. 2. Insert some text ...).
  6. If the problem is not reproducible (only happened once, or occasionally for no apparent reason) please describe the circumstances in which it occurred and the symptoms observed (Note: it is much harder to fix non-reproducible bugs).
  7. If the problem causes any error messages to appear, please write down the exact text displayed.

Note: Please attach your data files if possible. This will assist in debugging the problem.