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HEC-RTS Version 3.2.3 has been enhanced from HEC-RTS Version 3.2.1, with several error fixes and modifications. Following are the new features provided in Version 3.2.3:

  • Updated Analysis Software. Version 3.2.3 includes: HEC-MetVue 3.1.0; HEC-HMS 4.8; HEC-ResSim 3.5 Dev; HEC-RAS 6.1; and HEC-FIA 3.2.2.
  • HEC-MetVue (Meteorological Visualization Utility). HEC-MetVue facilitates viewing and manipulation of meteorological datasets as well as performing a variety of computations and analyses, including temporal and spatial aggregation of datasets and areal average computations. The software provides tools for animating datasets, trimming spatial extents of datasets, applying spatial translations and rotations to datasets, and applying temporal shifts to datasets.
  • HEC-FIA New Capabilities. New capabilities included in version 3.2 are reporting of flood damage reduced.
  • Additional enhancements, along with known issues and migration tips can be found here.