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The Hydrologic engineering Center (HEC) makes every effort to fully test it's software before releasing it for general use. Testing includes an extensive validation process where results computed by the program are compared to independently developed solutions. However, problems sometimes escape the extensive battery of tests used to certify a new version. If the user encounters a problem, please take the time to send HEC a bug report. The report must be written and should be submitted directly to the HEC-WAT team at:

The bug report should include the following information:
  1. HEC-WAT program Version.
  2. Operating system and related details of your computer.
  3. Area of the program where you found the bug.
  4. Description of the things that caused the bug, including menu selections, buttons pressed, or data entered.

Someone on the development team will examine the bug report and try to reproduce the problem in the HEC test environment. You may be contacted to provide more details or to send a copy of the project you were working with at the time the problem first appeared.