PresenterPowerPoint PresentationLink to Video
Q1 FY23Met Model Restructure

Tom Brauer, David Ho, Mike Bartles, and Daniel Black

Q4 FY22Reservoir Sedimentation

Jay Pak and Nathan Chrisman

Q3 FY22Model Optimization

Greg Karlovits and Matt Fleming

Q2 FY22Gridded Data Tools, File Referencing, Element Rename, and Runtime Tracking

Mike Bartles, Nick Van, Daniel Black, Natasha Sokolovskya, David Ho

Q1 FY22Hypothetical Storm Modeling EnhancementsGreg Karlovits and Josh Willis

Q4 FY212D Flow & 2D Sediment

Mike Bartles, Jay Pak, and Nick Van

Q3 FY21GIS Features and Subbasin/Reach Characteristics

Josh Willis and Tom Brauer


Q2 FY21New Training Materials, Discretizations, and Spatial Results

Tom Brauer and Matt Fleming