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Water Quality


Water quality simulation capabilities were integrated into ResSim to allow water quality objectives to directly influence reservoir release decision-making. This will support time-critical evaluations of system conditions for real-time and emergency operations, as well as feasibility studies of watershed-scale reservoir-riverine systems. The implementation of water quality capabilities in ResSim represents reservoirs as 1D vertically stratified, horizontally (longitudinally and laterally) averaged water bodies. River reaches are represented as 1D vertically and laterally averaged and longitudinally varying water bodies.

Water quality model discretization in HEC-ResSim. Reservoirs will be represented as 1D vertically stratified water bodies. River reaches will be represented as 1D horizontally segmented water bodies.

Water temperature, simulated for Lake McClure by HEC-ResSim

Beta version targeted for September 30, 2019

Last Updated: 02/28/2019