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Sustainable Rivers

Sustainable Rivers Sites

The Sustainable Rivers Program proactively improves environmental health by changing the operations of water infrastructure to benefit natural communities. Efforts involve a mix of program and site work. Program work focuses on how best to generate more environmental benefits from water infrastructure. Site work focuses on advancing, implementing and incorporating environmental strategies at water infrastructure projects. The two are complementary with each generating new ideas, honing methods, and demonstrating the benefits of environmental actions.

Site work began on the Green River in Kentucky. The Program was formally started with 8 rivers. As of 2019, Sustainable Rivers involved work on 66 Corps reservoirs in 16 river systems, 5,083 river miles, and more than 150,000 acres of floodplain. It is the largest scale and most comprehensive project for implementing environmental flows below Corps reservoirs.

Willamette River Bill Williams River Kansas River Des Moines River Mississippi River White, Black, and Little Red Rivers Big Cypress Caddo Lake Savannah River Green River LeHigh River Cape Fear River Twelve Pole Creek Barren River Upper Ohio River Roanoke River Connecticut River